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TimeFactor Owner's Manuals:



In TimeFactor Software V3.5.0[4] , Factory Presets 46:1 through 50:2 have been replaced with Dave Kilminster's Presets from Rogers Waters: the Wall. (For details on these, see the PDF below.)


In order to see these Presets you must initialize your TimeFactor. Warning: Initializing will erase any User Presets you have created. Before initializing, we suggest that you back up any Presets you want to keep using the Factorlib program, found below. Also, note that the original Presets 46:1 through 50:2 can be found in the Recent Files menu of the Factorlib program.


TimeFactor Software Updates

3/30/2012- TimeFactor 3.5.0[4] Production Software is now available.

For more information read the TimeFactor Update Page.


Eventide Update Utility

This utility downloads and installs updates for your TimeFactor.


FactorLib Preset Librarian for Eventide Stompboxes

FactorLib is an application for either Windows or OSX allowing the user to manipulate presets from an Eventide stompbox. It may be thought of as a Library Manager and can be used to archive, delete or re-order presets, as well as uploading or downloading them via MIDI or USB.

  • FactorLib User Guide
  • FactorLib for Mac

    Public Beta version of FactorLib 1.8 installer for MAC. Please read the FactorLib User Guide for installation instructions.

  • FactorLib for Windows
    Public Beta version of FactorLib 1.8 installer for PC. Please read the FactorLib User Guide for installation instructions.

Instructional Videos

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