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H9 Control Software

Version 1.4.0 Works with new release of ModFactor, PitchFactor, and Space.

Version 1.3.2- Bug fixes and minor improvements to v1.3.1, which added support for the new H9 Core stompbox, added copy, paste, swap, insert and delete functions to preset lists, made the controls in the algorithm control screen larger on iPhone/iPod Touch, and fixed a bug that was preventing users from trying out algorithms in the store.


Version 1.3.1-Added a new algorithm named Resonator that staggers 4 resonant comb filters to create ambient, arpeggiated, or reverberant sounds. Resonator comes with a custom Note Grid interface for tuning and timing the 4 comb filters. 


     iOS  H9 Control Software for iOS Devices



Frequently Asked Questions

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Instructional Videos

Adrienne Humblet shows you how to get started with the Eventide H9


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